Sunday, June 03, 2007

24 — Italy — June 3

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Nothing says quality like a 1000% markup.


Anonymous said...

brilliant daniel!
hope the little guys haven't been completely retired. but this is great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Umm. It was really good .Because very good points have been made about this trading post out in the coast of Asia. But the cartoons were cuter. They also made the delivery very ironic. They do deadpan better than Daniel. This is now just a dude voicing his opinon. Which is good intelligent opinions a few and far between here. But, I miss irony. Come on!

MomentEye said...

It's like raaaaaaaaaaaaaain on your welding day.
It's hard as nails but all you need is a fork.
It's being magnetic when you're not attractive.

It's ferrous oxide when you've forgotten the rust.

Richie said...

It is still my only source of HK parochial news - but I miss the little guys as well. They gave it more of a satirical, rather than cynical flavour.

It's easy to pretend not to be under the control of worlds largest authoritarian kleptocracy when it's delivered in a squeaky voice.