Sunday, November 19, 2006

10 — Celtic — Nov 20

Milton Friedman, Buddhists, South China Morning Post humour failure and Eason Chan's father.


mister bijou said...


terrific stuff.

Thank you.

To get the good news out further afield, have done a post about hkcn at Mister Bijou.

Look forward to the next issue.


Mister B

Anonymous said...

this is brilliant...but many are having problems viewing it on their computers? Anything you can suggest??

MomentEye said...

Well... you could try here which is the direct page on Revver (the video host).
That would give you a choice of Flash or Quicktime (this is the Flash one)

I've got it hosted elsewhere for the podcast subscribers so people with iTunes can get it from the little button on the side.

Hopefully that helps... I'll see what I can do about improving this page on the weekend.