Sunday, November 05, 2006

8 — Trees — Nov 6

APOLOGY: To everyone who left comments - sorry I didn't realise that I had to approve them before they would show up. In the interests of freer speech (and less work) I've disabled that feature now.
So please keep 'em coming and thanks for the support.

This week we have hill fires, altruist developers, Henry Fok and dangerous driving.

QUESTION: Secretary for Justice, Wong Yan-lung , issued a circular this week looking for more Law Draftsmen. By 2012 nearly two thirds of the people who actually write our laws will reach retirement age and they're having trouble filling the current vacancy. It's Directorate Grade 6 and carries a $160k per month salary so it's got to be worth a crack... What kind of law would you like to write if you had the chance?


Anonymous said...

The lip synch seems rather random. Maybe not a big priority, but I believe thre are animation plugins to do this.

MomentEye said...

Yeah... i get mixed results (and time slippage)
Currently I'm using Toon Boom Studio but it probably isn't fair to blame them yet.
Definitely something that I hope will improve as I go along.

Anonymous said...