Tuesday, July 10, 2007

26 — Name Check — July 11

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In recognition for all his hard work and diligence the Hong Kong Copy News team has decided to bestow upon the little grey newsreader guy an actual name. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks.


Tom said...

Random possible grey bloke names written down without thinking very hard:

Martin Galveston
Chutney Pellow
Facto MacNews
Indefatigability Smith
Harpoon Wan
Graham Exeter

Anonymous said...

Graysom Champer

Anonymous said...

callim: roswell? or 'liddle dan' maybe?

- julz

MomentEye said...

Oooh! Lot's of good ones there.

Somebody just asked me if there would be a prize and I think that would be a good idea so I'll see what I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Dim Blather - Dan Rather's cousin nobody in the family likes to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Rudyard Dimberly - another distant relation to a great news icon, the public school nickname of this dyed-in-the-wool imperialist unpatriotic running dog was Ruddy Dim.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Caine!

Anonymous said...

Halter Kronkite (HK to his mates)

SaraJ said...

Some random names in no particular order:

Ruat Caelum
Matter Grey
Audie Sapere
Cogi To
Greyson Swift
H.K. O'Pourke
Clare Ti

Anonymous said...

Helium Knispel - well that would explain the voice.

Anonymous said...

Earl Grey

Wheeliefine said...

Ned the News
Donkey Hotung

Wheeliefine said...

Cardinal K Lee
Carnal Kid Lee
”Anal” Dirk C Lee

MomentEye said...

Awesome names.

I guess what I'll do is leave it open until after the weekend and then pick a shortlist.

I should be able to put a poll so that you can all vote on it after that.

mister bijou said...

Def Copy
Humid Tuna
Persimmon Mayo
Intuition Benefit
Flannel Yucky

jenny said...

I'm a kindergarten teacher in Hong Kong...my favorite "English" name is

Harry Sin

It might suit your little guy because it sure doesn't fit the six year old Chinese boy that sports the name tag.

Anonymous said...

Rummy Coakes

Anonymous said...

Surname: Grey
First name: Boomer
Nickname: Squeaky
Occupation: muck-racking journalist
champion for justice
Partime: sandwich deliverer...so
that he can save up enough money to move away from Mom.

Anonymous said...

Steve Cray er Gray

Anonymous said...

Greystoke Chan
Gray Baiuhina
Canton Smog
Cumulus Jones
Jack "Scoop" Stratus
John Nimbus O'Connor
Bailey Storm Cloud

Very nice reporting very amusing. And very nice deadpaness.

Richie said...

Dr Webwik Stewart - the 21st century's father of Hong Kong education.

Anonymous said...

How about Curly Lokchat...