Sunday, July 29, 2007

26 — Philately — July 30

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There's great big hoo-ha over stamps, lots of smutty innuendo and a new way for the Hospital Authority to try and kill us.

Plus with every episode a free Oiwan Lam... whatever that is.
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I am Sparticus said...

These were my names, if I win I want my prize to a Ukranian tractor parts charity.

Graysom Champer
Dim Blather
Halter Kronkite
Helium Knispel
Earl Grey

MomentEye said...

You will be crucified from here to Jerusalem then turned into a gay icon.

i am sparticus said...

What no sequal?

Don't I get to star in paths of Glory?

You have to admit you do have more than a passing relationship to this man:

jaaron said...

You're on stage somewhere???

i am sparticus said...

Yes we're headlining in Jerusalem; "Spring Time for Hitler".

It's going to have nipples and everything.

MomentEye said...

Ignore the gladiator. He's had a lot of blows to the head.

I'm doing a short standup set at the Takeout Comedy Club
34 Elgin St
Friday 3/8 and Sat 4/8 at 9:30pm.

It's $HK100 for five comedians.

SaraJ said...

We must know: where does one find the HK Family Planning Association scariness?

The videos are only slightly less scary and weird than the cucumber viagra commercials in the MTR. Yes, erect cucumbers on a bright red background in the MTR. It's shockingly, well, shocking.


MomentEye said...

Family Planning Animations for all occasions.

smog said...

Did Dim Blather die as soon as he was named or something? Is HK Copy News no more?